Kitchen Convenience Kit

Kitchen Convenience Kit – included with all rentals

Includes: pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, cooking utensils, coffee cups, toaster, coffee maker and coffee filters.

Garden Hose, sewer hose and 15 amp electrical connector also included

First tank of propane is also included with all rentals. Any additional propane needed after the first tank will be the responsibility of the renter

Towel Convenience Kit

Towel Convenience Kit – $50

Includes: beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes, dish clothes and dish towels.

Bedroom Convenience Kit

Bedroom Convenience Kit – $50

Includes: bed sheets, blankets and pillows for up to 3 beds. Additional beds can be added for $15 each

Bike Rack / Storage Rack

Bike Rack / Storage Rack – $40

Attaches to rear of motorhome or trailers. Capable of holding 2 adult bikes and 2 child bikes. Complete with straps to tie down.

Outdoor Cooking Kit

Outdoor Cooking Kit – $65

Complete kit for cooking outdoors. Includes: compact bbq and bbq utensils, 2 burner Coleman cook top stove and 2 mini 1 lb propane tanks. Also includes campfire marshmallow sticks and pie irons. Additional propane tanks are available.

Tank Waiver Fee

Tank Waiver Fee – $50

Skip the messy dirty job of dumping the sewage and water holding tanks.

Note: You must order this ahead in order for us to plan accordingly. If you do not take this waiver ahead of time and return the motorhome without emptying the tanks you will be charged the amount found in the motorhome rental contract.

Lawn Chairs and Camp Tables

Lawn Chairs and Camp Tables – $20

4 Campsite chairs and 2 camp tables if you don’t have your own or have room to bring them with you (chairs may not be exactly as shown)

1000-Watt Generator

Generator – $40

Small and very quiet 1000 watt generator yet big enough to power and charge batteries in our pop ups and trailers. Handy to have for your camping experience if you do not have hydro hook ups at your site.

Add a small battery charger for an additional $10.

Note: This generator will not run air conditioner, toaster, coffee maker, large appliances. It is great for running lights and keeping battery charged.

3100-Watt Generator

Generator – $75

Portable lightweight 3100 watt generator/inverter. This unit will power an entire trailer. It will run air conditioner as well as any appliances. Keep your camping experience at maximum comfort in all no hydro conditions. Price includes 30 hours of run time. Any additional hours will be charged at $3. Don’t take the chance of draining your batteries. Add a small battery charger for $10.

paddle board

Recreational Inflatables – $75

Enjoy the lakes and rivers during your entire camping trip with an inflatable stand up paddleboard as well as an inflatable kayak! Neatly folds into large back pack for easy transportation and storage. Comes complete with hand pump, oar, life jacket and safety kit.

Anything up to 4 days – $75

4 days – 7 days – $125

7 days – 14 days – $175

Rent 2 paddle boards or a paddle board and a kayak for a 10% discount each